Currently, I am starting my final year at the University of Colorado Boulder, working towards a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in construction. In addition, I am pursuing a minor in Studio Arts, specializing in digital art and screen printing. My dream is to find a niche in art and design that merges my tactile engineering skills with my inherent drive to create.


I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia to a creative and lively family. My parents work as a real estate development team, my father a developer known for finding fatigued warehouses and rethinking them into residential spaces, while my mother - with a history in art and design - focuses her passion into imaginative renovation and interior design. Architecture, art, and a creative approach to the world permeated my childhood experience. I have fond memories of long days working with my father in his woodshop and touring his projects throughout construction. Architecture and design are in my blood, and art is a necessary outlet for me to incorporate into my future. I am happiest when I am creating. 


Throughout college I have found outlets for my passion and various ways to explore my artistic style. Outside of my valuable curriculum of art classes, this past year I worked on several commissioned outdoor murals. My designs were painted onto Atlanta buildings - an experience I am very proud of as displaying large scale art in my hometown was always a childhood dream. I was able to take on the project during breaks from school, with more pending when time allows. Public art is a passion of mine because it is a space for all to enjoy, and the impermanent nature of outdoor installations adds additional character over time. Closer to my current home I have tied in my entrepreneurial, political, and socially active mindset with my art, selling prints and clothing of work that explores personal experiences, feminism, and climate change. 


In my freetime, I love to enjoy all the benefits that first drew me to Colorado: hiking, skiing, camping, and the general enjoyment of the outdoors. I love to travel and have had the opportunity to broaden my horizons through a summer abroad in Amsterdam, and am currently looking forward to a summer in Asia. My travel adventures have taught me much about myself and my core values. I am creative, social, and hardworking. I am driven to push beyond what is comfortable, and am fueled by new experiences, ideas, and people. I believe you get what you work for., 404.354.2534