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Bones Jones and The Infinite Day. 

(frame by frame animation, procreate, premier pro) 


Bones Jones and The Infinite day is a frame by frame animation which depicts life at home.  The animation begins with Bones Jones waking up and preforming his everyday tasks; brushing his teeth, watering his plants, making tea and working. The animation is suppose to make you feel calmed through the methodical actions he preforms, the music and the sounds of the animation. The actions shown in the animation are actions that i regularly preform at home that make me feel thankful for my space and make me appreciate my time there. During the COVID pandemic people across the world are spending more time at home then ever before. This causes our relationship with our space to be challenged and changed. It can often been difficult spending so much time in one place so I like to do certain things to make me appreciate what i have and enjoy where i am. Next Bones Jones begins to work, making phone calls and typing on his computer. This as well is a homage to life at home and the new dynamic of working fully from home. Time passes very quickly as he works and the day quickly becomes night. He then preforms his regular tasks; brushing his teeth and reading a book before turning off the light and going to bed. It is inferred by the end of the video that by the next morning he will wake up again and preform the exact same tasks, hence the name, the infinite day.  

Jones Bones is a skeleton as a symbol of the life that humans collectively are living right now as well as a symbol of the death that surrounds this pandemic and keeps us at home. The tea he drinks is a symbol of both comfort and sadness and reflects my emotions during this time. 

This animation was composed by editing together 30 different hand drawn frame by frame animations to make one cohesive animation short. Each animation has from 20-90 layers that were drawn and created to make motions which flow easily. 


Untitled_Artwork 2.gif
Untitled_Artwork 9.jpg

For my final project i want to do a procreate animation. I have always been inspired but the cute animations of pixar shorts. For my project i want to do an animation that is calming and shows what it is like working from home during this pandemic. It will have a cute little skeleton character and will show im waking up in the morning, preforming some quaint peaceful tasks around the house and living his life completely from the comfort of his home. I want to show the weirdness of living at home but also I want to highlight the thinks that make me appreciate my space and make me thankful. Like i said above i have been extremely inspired by pixar shorts, one of these that particularly stands out to me is "Bao" one of the newest shorts.  I love the soft music and the way the charectors can communicate without talking. The entire short gives me a feeling of calm that i hope that i will be able to emulate in my work. I am very excited and look forward to learning procreates frame by frame animation!

A Living Soul 

Piper Plastic - A Living Soul 

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 11.36.35
Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 11.34.05

Piper Plastic is a "content creator" from beverly hills. She spends her time creating youtube videos and promoting sponsorships on instagram and twitter. She believes that she is the epitome of all things great in the world and believes that everyone should just be a little bit more like her. She constantly gets plastic surgery but will never admit to it, she has even forgotten herself if it is natural beauty or the countless surgeries. She loves promoting unrealistic beauty expectations because it makes her feel like nobody will ever be as "naturally beautiful" as she is. Piper was born with money but in Orlando Florida. She hides where she is born because she doesn't feel like it has the glamor that she believes she deserves. She left Florida the day she turned 18 to go pursue and life in beverly hills. With no real aspersions of career she lived off her parents money until she landed on her feet. Through websites such as seeking arrangements, only fans and just for fans piper was able to get a strong following and therefor a large sum of money to support her lifestyle by an exploitation of her looks. She continues to post on these platforms but never exposes 100% of what she does in order to get the money. Piper despises women who use their platforms to progress the world for political or social change. She thinks they are acting like know-it-alls and cant really stand their arrogance. Piper admires those whom are more famous than her for their fame and beauty. Pipers social media presence is truly a recreation of the media influencers of 2020. Piper is so anti-feminist that she doesn't even understand what the word feminist means. She has trouble letting people into her life because she is so self absorbed that it's just hard to think about someone else for a moment. Piper was created as a humorous commentary on the self-image obsessed influencers and celebrity women of our generation. Many hold unrealistic beauty expectations but claim it is natural instead of admitting to the money that goes into their appearance.  These mentalities are harmful to young women and have lead to an increase of body dysmorphia  and eating  disorders. She is a depiction of those that shift the emphasis of a woman's value to their appearance instead of their intelligence and creativity. 


​Piper plastic is the epitome of beverly hills. She adores herself more than any other person and adores constant attention. She isn't vindictive but instead just doesn't have the capacity to think beyond herself. Ms. plastic is either 20 or 60 and nobody can really tell how old she really is. Additionally nobody is really sure where all this money is really coming from? She doesn't work yet has millions. Piper adores her instagram and doesn't go anywhere without her hair and makeup team. Piper  believes that if something isn't expensive and doesn't look pricey then it probably isn't worth her time. Piper spends her time searching for the fountain of youth. Piper always has a fine man on her arm but even better than a fine young man is new handbag. Her friends are a status symbol their relationship is as real as her cheek bones. Piper loves to talk about herself so she cant wait for her big debut.

  1. Full name? – Piper Plastic  

  2. Age? – You can never tell because of the work done, could anywhere from 20-60

  3. Zodiac Sign? Leo

  4. 3 fears? being poor, being fat and 

  5. 3 things they love? Money, Material Items and Herself 

  6. 4 turn ons? a mirror. 

  7. 4 turn offs? children, lack of money, educated, and kind

  8. Best friend? Herself

  9. Sexual orientation? autosexual

  10. Favorite color? Pink 

  11. Current obsession? shoes

  12. Favorite quote? "Im rich"

  13. Favorite place? So Cal

  14. Favorite music? whatever is on top 40

  15. Daily routine? wake up and has her team of 100 people come tell her what to do today

  16. Favorite Food? a cube of cheese with a plastic water bottle

  17. Someone they love? piper plastic

  18. Someone they hate? powerful women

  19. Current relationship status? single

  20. Relationship with their parents? finacially support her

  21. Children? nope

  22. Favorite season? summer, gets to show off her bod

  23. Good or Evil? neither, just dumb

  24. What they did during quarantine? Looked in a mirror 

  25. Their main addiction? body modifications but say that shes doesnt have any

  26. Their profession? Nobody knows 

  27. Their education? MRS degree 

  28. Where they grew up? Orlando Flordia

  29. Best 2 personality traits? 

  30. 2 worst personality traits? Narcism 

  31. Religion? Not religious 

  32. Their pet(s)? No pets, thinks they are gross

  33. Their weapon of choice? Her new Louibatans

  34. Their mission or purpose for existing? to consume 

  35. Their kryptonite? Camping 



This work is an exploration of our self-expression during a pandemic through glitch artwork. Almost all social interactions in today’s climate are done with a mask covering half of your face or in an online setting. At this time, it can be increasingly difficult to read one another or fully understand who the person under the mask is. The glitch in the artwork represents the feeling of being unseen and unheard during this time of isolation. Additionally, glitching the work plays into the artwork by representing a time in which we are mostly interacting digitally. This work plays with the idea of new vs. old identity and how our ideas of self-expression are shifting during this time. I wanted the photos that Ani Yahzid and I photographed to show the difficulty of expressing emotions with a mask on vs without a mask on. All the photos, videos and GIFs were then glitched using pixel sorting, text edit, premier pro, photoshop and datmosh in order to create the final product. The bright colors of the piece draw the viewer into the works. I have always loved the juxtaposition of a serious and harsh subject matter contrasted with bright and lively work. 


For my son of a glitch project I will be exploring the lack of personal expression and how you are portrayed with a mask on during the pandemic. I currently work a service job where i can not tell what my coworkers look like and i am shocked to see their faces without masks on. This led me to question how I am perceived to customers and other employees with my new identity of wearing a mask. I want the Glitch to represent the feeling of being unseen or unheard with the mask and a blur to your usual self expression. Additionally I think the mask and the glitch play together to show how we are represented in what sometimes feels like a mostly online/digital time. My friend Ani and I will be shooting photos of our friends with masks on trying to show various facial expressions with and without the masks to explore what social interaction and self expression looks like in todays climate. I want to try to even combine glitch photos of people with their masks on and off (if possible) I think this would really show the contrast of the two. I’m excited to begin shooting the photos to see where this project takes me! 




The COVID art museum - COVID inspired art page

Hugh S. Manon - glitched portraits 

Rob Sheridan - Glitched Portraits

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 2.15.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 2.06.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 2.05.55 PM.png


For my datamosh i combined two videos. It was fun to play with the software but i deffinetly feel that this video is longer and less glitched than i would like in the future. 








Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.13.19
Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.12.48
Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.13.44
Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.14.02
Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.14.16

This VDMX live mixed video is an autobiographical visual representation of fear evoked in my childhood. Looking back on these videos I get a strong feeling of nostalgia. Every video chosen for the project was something very personal to me that evokes this strong feeling of fear and sentimentality from my childhood. I played with the fluidity of television/movie stories to mix this video in order to retell them in a way that best shows my own perception. The spooky visuals are contrasted with an upbeat song “Dance magic dance” from labyrinth. Labyrinth is chosen as the heart of the video because it is the piece that most affected me from a young age. Additionally, the bright vivid colors of the piece contrast this darker overall theme. The effects that were used were to heighten the scary feeling and cause the video to feel more chaotic. These effects directly relate to how I felt as a child, small, scared and like these characters were jumping out of the screen at me.

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.13.03


For my project I am planning to use VDMX in order to make a video which plays with the emotional response the evoked fear and nostalgia from my childhood. This will be an autobiographical piece in which i will mix various videos that evokes this spooky nostalgic response. I want to play with the fluidity of TV stories and try to use this video mix in order to retell them in a way that best shows my perception of them. I want to use bright vivid colors to contrast the video content. I also want to play with the perception of the TV characters and try to incorporate comedy from these shows into the piece. 

Running List of Videos to use: 

  • Courage the cowardly dog 

  • Winnie the pooh heffalumps and woosels 

  • are you afraid of the dark 

  • sloppy from goosebumps

  • Return to OZ, the wheelers

  • Labyrinth

  • Judge doom from who framed roger rabbit 

  • ET

  • Spirited Away

  • Joker Cartoons 

  • Spy Kids, flops fooglies 

  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy


Artist Research 

  • Alex De Corte


Additional Research 

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.15.01



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